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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Asian markets mostly ended lower

Most major Asian markets except the Kiwis ended below waters after China's plan to restrict landing and South Korea's not-so-good growth forecast. This downtrend may still persist in the days to come. We certainly need some confidence booster from the world leaders like the United States or China to give us a helping hand.

Singapore's Straits Times Index (STI) ended negatively down approximately 65 points or 2.32% with both blue chips and smaller caps stocks all ended in dismal note. Once small-time stock darling, Epure International, plunged more than 15% on a single day to end at $0.810 per share, that's a lot shy of its record $1.000 per share days ago. I have to count myself fortunate to have sold off Epure International before this current wave of correction swarmed in.

This current wave of correct has also hit my very own stock portfolio. Most are still in the black but definitely not the one I bought days ago. Almost a week ago, I secured Neptune Orient Lines (NOL) but now to see it lower by 10%. I have to accept the nature of stocks and shares and understand correction do happen.

This correction can serve as an opportunity for long-term investors :)

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