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Thursday, January 21, 2010

A bumpy date with cumulonimbus clouds

Pilot: Cabin, take-off station

I have a bumpy date with cumulonimbus clouds and occasionally altocumulus clouds. High up the sky at an altitude of 20,000 feet, we were told there were bolts of lightnings and were advised not to enter the cumulonimbus clouds clusters. These seemingly hostile cumulonimbus clouds clusters were clouds of vertical development from 5,000 feet to 50,000 feet. This would mean it would be impossible to get out of the cumulonimbus clouds zone unless we flew higher than 50,000 feet.

Altocumulus clouds located at a lower altitude range accompanied the cumulonimbus clouds.

Pilot: Prepare for bumps

I sort of quite like bumps :p

Bumps and more bumps as we glided through thick altocumulus clouds.

Pilot: Cabin, landing station

As we prepared for landing, sounds of ice cracking along the sides of the plane could be heard. Though this was not my first time hearing them, this time round was just way too loud and disturbing.

This approximately 5 hours full of turbulence flight had left us uncomfortable and some feeling nauseous. As for myself, I only felt rather heavy when I made my “first step” on Earth.

Thank goodness!

Throughout the flight, all of us were not terrified because we knew a simple fact. If we are hit by turbulence at cruising altitude, we will not crash. And if you have our seat belts on, the likelihood of us getting hurt would be minimal even if the bumps get extreme. Wait until everything is over, as uncomfortable as that may be, but that's really the only way out, isn't it?

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