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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Impressed by Obama's warm interaction with the Americans

I am impressed with the way how the Obama Administration communicates with the people. That is true democratic leadership.

You may wish to fast forward to 10:00 minute and see how Obama is introduced by VP Biden. He is such a superstar! At times, you can even hear Obama using "Check it out".

20:00 minute
Change never comes without a fight. That's true then, it's true now. Change never comes without a fight. I won't stop fighting.

Watch 40:00 minute onwards to see how Obama took on questions from the audience. It is really close interaction. Mind you, questions thrown to him were all tough and against him but he took on coolly and openly. It is obvious that none of these questions were pre setup and staged unlike what's happening in SXXGXXXXE. That's democracy!

1:16:44 hour for closure. He talked on his understanding that everyone is different but we should respect one another. The interest of Americans must be put as top priority.

Although the video below is titled "Creating New Jobs by Investing in High-Speed Rail", it is really mainly on what are done to FIGHT.

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