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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Experts-Exchange Experts Give T-Shirts to Charity

Experts Give the Shirts off their Back to Charity [via]

One of the most amazing things about our expert community is their generosity and desire to help others.

Earning t-shirts for ranks is a great achievement, but some of our experts have answered so many questions they’ve got a closet full of Experts Exchange clothing. Exchange Server Geniuses Glen Knight and Alan Hardisty cooked up the idea of donating t-shirt credits to charity and started a thread to see if other experts might be interested.

“Alan and I were talking about our large EE t-shirt collection and discussing alternative uses for future shirts…wrapping gifts, stuffing pillows, car seat covers, things like that,” says Knight (demazter). “We thought it might be nice to bring ‘Expert Power’ together to do something for good.”

It turned out to be a popular idea, and many experts indicated their interest in donating shirts instead of redeeming them. Word got back to the Experts Exchange home office and we put together a t-shirt charity challenge.

One of the non-profits that Experts Exchange works closely with is an organization called WaterRun which works to bring clean drinking water to villages desperately in need. The charity is seeking to fund a number of water wells in Ethiopia, so we challenged the experts: collectively redeem more than 300 shirts for donation and WaterRun will build a well for a small village. Redeem more than 500 t-shirts for donation and we’ll build a large well. We gave them a X TIME window to accomplish the task.

In the first week, experts collected over 600 t-shirts! By the end of the third week, 750 shirts had been donated. We were amazed! It is so exciting to see the community come together to support a common cause. Thanks to the effort of our experts, a large well will be built near a school in Ethiopia to serve multiple villages in the area.

Inspired by the outpouring from our experts, the home office has decided to come together in support of the cause as well. This Friday, September 24th, we’ll host a BBQ fundraiser for employees, family, friends and local community members with the goal of raising funds to build a second well. We’ll send out another post next week to let you know how it goes.

Here is a little more information about the specific water well we’re funding.

Name of the school: Hidale School
Village: Deneale/Genti,
District: Hinatolo-Wajirat, Senale Tabia
Region: Southeastern zone of the Tigray

GPS Reading: North – 13°03’40.7, East - 39°04’33.8, Elevation – 2271m

On behalf of everyone here at Experts Exchange I’d like to thank you, the experts, for helping make a difference. Hundreds of people who used to walk 45 minutes to get contaminated drinking water will now have access to clean drinking water just 2 minutes away, improving health and freeing time for children to attend school instead of collecting water.

Donate your EE T-Shirts to a worthy cause [via]

Looking for something worth while to do with your EE T-Shirts? Run out of space in the wardrobe?

Well now we can, over the past months the Experts Exchange Admins/Moderators have been working with the Experts Exchange staff to provide us experts with a way that we can donate our T-Shirts towards a worth cause.

The cause that has been chosen is they build wells to provide sustainable solutions to the shortage of drinking water available in Africa.

The more T-Shirts we donate, the bigger the well. For example to install a new well would cost 300 T-Shirts, but the next size up would cost 500.

For those of you interested in this you can simply follow the instructions below:

Access your shirt redemption page:

  1. Click the link to edit your profile.
  2. Select the tab ‘For Experts’
  3. Select the sub-tab ‘Shirts’

Designate the shirts you would like to donate to charity:
  1. Click the ‘Redeem’ button next a shirt you wish to donate.
  2. In the ‘Full Name’ field type your name if it is not already present.
  3. In ‘Address Line 1’ type: ‘Donate to charity’
  4. You can type whatever you wish in the other fields, but they are a necessary step in order for the form to be accepted for submission.
  5. Click ‘Submit’.
  6. Click ‘Complete Order’.
  7. You can disregard the shirt arrival information, but consider this confirmation that your shirt donation has been counted.
  8. Note: You will also get an email confirming your shirt order, that is just a part of the current shirt redemption process, and can be disregarded.

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