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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

How to Perform "No to All" When Copying Files

If you were to perform copy of a set of files from one directory to another, you will be prompted a Confirm File Replace dialog if there are existing files in the targeted directory having the same name. From the dialog, we have "Yes to All" button but mysteriously missing "No to All" button. Suppose we have no intentions to replace all files, we will need to click on "No" button repeatedly to tell Windows not to replace existing files or "Cancel" button to tell Windows to stop copying totally. Note that "Cancel" button will also stop copying of files even if filenames are unique.

Actually, there's a shortcut to perform a "No to All". You can do a "No to All" functionality by simply holding onto the SHIFT key on your keyboard before clicking on the "No" button in the Confirm File Replace dialog box.

Note that this is applicable for Windows XP but not Vista since Vista provides more advanced options when it comes to copy and paste of files.

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