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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Another Joke from NTUC Union Chief and Minister for PMO, Lim Swee Say

House had 89 MPs, not 93, on Feb 5

The Straits Times
3 Mar 2009

I REFER to my reply last Saturday, 'Duties taken seriously'.

I said in the letter: 'This year's Budget Debate was attended by 90 elected and Nominated MPs on Feb 3; 86 MPs on Feb 4; and there was full attendance of 93 MPs on Feb 5.'

While the numbers for Feb 3 and Feb 4 are correct, Parliament has advised that there is an error in the number for Feb 5. It should be 89 and not 93.

My apologies for the error which was due to a miscommunication between the Whip and Parliament.

Lim Swee Say
Government Whip

House had 89 MPs, not 93, on Feb 5 [via]

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