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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Forum on the topic of "Profitable Group - is it credible?"

No personal comments. Read for yourself.

Profitable Group - is it credible?

Investor Alert List


  1. Profitable Group are listed on the MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore) investor alert list under "T" not "P" so your link is incorrect.

    This is because Profitable Group are on the MAS alert list as

    "The Profitable Group (Profitable Plots Pte Ltd)
    11B Stanley Street
    Singapore 068730"

    This is the correct link

  2. Peter,

    Thanks. I have updated the link.


  3. More from the Profitable Group.
    Now they are attacking investors for daring to complain.

    SINGAPORE - The Profitable Group has blasted a group of investors who turned up at its office in Shenton Way on Monday, describing their behaviour as "thuggish" and "criminal".

    In that incident, it was reported that a dozen people had demanded payments apparently owed to them - and the police had to be called in to defuse the situation.

    In a letter to the investors on Thursday, which was also forwarded to MediaCorp, Mr John Nordmann, group operations director of the Singapore-based investment firm, said he was "hugely disappointed that Singaporeans would act in such a manner".

    He added that he would "not hesitate to call the police authorities and press whatever charges they deem appropriate" if there is to be a repeat incident.

    Referring to a document he was given on Monday, in which he said the group described themselves as members of an "investment recovery task force", Mr Nordmann said: "It's easy for one to interpret this as some sort of militant vigilante group."

    The group of investors had been told they would get a reply by Thursday about their investments and held out some hope for their investments with the firm, which is currently on the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)'s Investor Alert List.

    The list comprises persons "possibly conducting activities regulated by MAS without authorisation".


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