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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Workers' Party WP Candidate - Chen Show Mao

English introduction from beginning until 2:26. Mandarin from 2:26 onwards.

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  1. Is any opposition asking the irony of why when the ever complaining Singaporean complains of:
    [1]: Housings woes and sky rocketing prices of private housings, the government solve it by introducing additional and new taxes.
    #But is it not the SLA/URA/HDB who controls the land supply and dictates our land prices. We learn in schools the economic theory of supply and demand. However, our government agents dictates the land costs with “their own base value”, refusing to award when tenders are below their expected sale prices or rentals. And what is this base value.? It is based on the commercial market value. But many older Singaporeans will know that when the government acquired these lands through their power of acquisitions, compensations were never based on market values. Original landowners were paid peanuts.
    So why are they blaming the foreigners who helps to buy these homes.?
    [2]: When car owners complains of our regular traffic jams at various peak hours, LTA solves it by increasing our cost of driving, dictate our movements and raises the COE.?
    #But LTA have been using the same set of traffic systems for the last 10 years. And Singapore is only 700 sqkm in size as compared to HongKong, Shanghai, Taiwan or our immediate neighbors. Look at Shanghai and HongKong. They have today state of the arts highways and bridges. Singapore still have only the Shears Bridge built 20 years ago to show. Our Road Infras are highly under developed but overcharged.
    [3]: Monopoly MRTC insists on making huge profits through public services which other countries provides at costs from Governmental Budgets. Even China, Hong Kong and Taiwan reward their aged by giving free travels. What's a few years of free travels for these well deserved old peoples during the last few years of their lives on earth. They control the MRT Stations, Bus terminals. Competitors or private bus companies are not allowed to use these state facilities.

    # So what happens. MRTC now is showing signs of wear and tears. Apologies were offered. What happens if there are train crashes. Condolences will be offered.?


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