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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

SGX Online Education on SGX Specified Investment Products

According the Singapore Exchange disclaimer page upon log into Online Education Programme page,

*SGX Specified Investment Products have structures, features and risks that may be more complex in nature. These products on the securities market are marked with a "@" suffix on the SGX website and Members’ trading screens. All products listed on SGX, other than those provided below, are SGX Specified Investment Products:
- Shares
- Fully Paid Depository Receipts representing shares
- Subscription rights pursuant to rights issues
- Company warrants
- Units in Business Trust
- Units in real estate investment trusts
- Debentures (other than asset-backed securities & structured notes)
Examples of Specified Investment Products on SGX securities market are:
- Certificates
- Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
- Exchange Traded Notes (ETNs)
- Futures (Extended Settlement contracts)
- Structured Warrants
- Callable Bull / Bear Contracts (CBBCs)

Examples of Specified Investment Products on SGX derivatives market are:
- Futures
- Options

(1) Customer Account Review (CAR) Module

Complete the Customer Account Review (CAR) module if you wish to trade in SGX Specified Investment Products. The information you provide will help your SGX broking firms assess if you have the relevant knowledge or experience to trade such products.

On completion, please approach your broker for their review.

If your broker assesses that you have the relevant knowledge or experience to trade in these products, your broker may proceed to transact for you.

(2) SGX Online Education Programme

If your broker assesses that you may not have the relevant knowledge or experience in SGX Specified Investment Products, you may wish to go through the SGX Online Education Programme.

The SGX Online Education Programme covers the features and risks of Specified Investment Products, and a quiz of 20 questions to help you better understand these products.

You can access the SGX Online Education Programme at your own time and pace.

On completion of the programme, please approach your broker if you wish to trade in these SGX Listed Specified Investment Products.

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