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Friday, January 06, 2012

Ministerial Salary Review - Summary

Please refer to below for a summary of the report submitted by the Review Committee to Ministerial salaries. The full Review Committee's report can be found here.

President’s annual salary cut by 51% to $1,540,000

PM’s annual salary cut by 36% to $2,200,000
(by 36% including the removal of pension)

DPM’s annual salary cut by 23% to $$1,870,000
(by 31% including the removal of pension)

Minister’s annual salary cut by 26%-31% to $1,100,000 and $1,760,000 respectively
(by 33%-37% including the removal of pension)

Speaker’s annual salary cut by 53% to $550,000

Deputy Speaker’s annual allowance cut by 15% to $82,500

MPs’ annual allowance cut by 3% to $192,500

NCMPs’ and NMPs’ annual allowance cut by 4% to $28,900

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