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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Peking University Professor labelled Hong Kong people as dogs

A professor, Kong Qing-Dong (孔庆东), from the Mainland China Peking University gave his commentary labelling Hongkongers as 'dogs' on the recent incident involving a quarrel between Hong Kong and mainland passengers on a MTR train in Hong Kong.

The quarrel on the train was sparked after angry Hongkongers tried to stop a mainland girl eating a snack on the train. The incident was captured in a 2-parts video and uploaded onto YouTube. The mainlanders apologised eventually only after the train staff was alerted.

2012-01-15 火車內罵戰 香港人大戰大陸人 Part 1 [1/2]

2012-01-15 火車內罵戰 香港人大戰大陸人 Part 2 [2/2]

So, did the mainlanders know eating is not permitted in trains in the first place? In the Part 2 video, the little girl was heard telling her mother they should be the one in the wrong but was quickly "ssshh" by her mother.

Watch Professor Kong commentary calling Hongkongers 'dogs' below:


  1. He's full of Mainland excrements

  2. If a professor from renowned Peking University can utter such profanities and belittle others in such compromising manner, it speaks volume that China has not come of age in terms of civility and graciousness. This is a testimony of the crude and uncouth mannerism and attitude adopted by Chinese Nationals arriving in other shores like Singapore. Until they can be a refined breed, they shall be viewed as an unnecessary pest, always. Learn from Hong Kong and Singapore, as to how to be law abidding and civilised and cultured citizens of first world country.


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