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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Clean Up Hard Disk Space By Removing Uninstall Information

You can actually reclaim hundreds over megabytes of disk space by removing Windows Uninstall Folders. These folders, having filenames with prefix starting with "$NtUninstall", can be found in C:\Windows\ directory. To be able to see these folders, you will need to first allow hidden folders and files to be shown.

What are these uninstall folders doing there? These uninstall folders are intended to roll back the system and serve as System Restore points.

How to show hidden folders and files?
1. Launch Windows Explorer
2. Tools -> Folder Options
3. Select View page tab
4. Select Show hidden files and folders
5. Click OK to close dialog

To free disk space, remove folders from C:\Windows\ starting with "$NtUninstall" (Advice from Dennis O'Reilly is to keep more recent folders)

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