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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Is NEA efficient?

Is National Environment Agency (NEA) efficient? I shall leave this question to be answered by yourself.

On 22 Feb 2008, NEA made a post on Today papers titled "Book thrown at puffers". Basically, NEA is replying to an earlier post. The earlier post made revealed signs of smoking activity in bus stops after spotting cigarette butts in litter bins' ash trays.

From NEA's reply, a total of 994 offenders caught smoking were caught in the year of 2007. On January 2008 itself, a total of 84 were caught. This statistics left me scratching my head. Taking year 2007 data of 994, it means an average of 83 were caught per month and a mere average of 3 were caught in a single day. These numbers are close to January 2008's. I shall assume this statistics to remain consistent judging from historical records. To make things look less "ugly", I shall assume a team of only 3 NEA officers are being deployed everyday. Weekends and public holidays are included since smokers "work" everyday. This will imply each officer manages to catch only 1 offender per day.

Does this make sense? This statistics certainly does not look logical to me.

So is NEA efficient?

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