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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Microsoft Windows Vista SP1 rolls up Amazing 551 bug fixes

Ed Bott has imported the list of fixes into Excel and went through it article by article, breaking it down into categories of my own devising. All thanks to him! Here’s the list:
Fixes Category
75 Internet Explorer
41 Sleep/Hibernation & Power Management
38 Storage
35 Hardware and Drivers
35 Networking
28 Desktop and Shell
25 Printing & Scanning Technologies
25 .NET Framework, Data Components, Development Tools
24 Setup, Deployment, Backup, and Activation
24 Windows Media Center
23 International/Localization
20 Computer Management, Administration, and Tools
19 Application Compatibility
19 Multimedia
16 Performance and Reliability
16 Startup/Shutdown
13 Time Zone/Daylight Saving Time
13 Windows Media Player and Related Technologies
12 Security
12 Remote Access, VPN
8 IIS and WebDAV issues
7 Wireless Networking
7 Offline Files
6 Windows Mail and Web-based Software
5 Windows Sidebar and SideShow
5 Windows Portable Devices

Vista SP1 rolls up 551 bug fixes

Notable changes in Windows Vista SP1

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