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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Display Chinese on Windows Mobile

Last year, I made a post to suggest a method on how to display Chinese on Windows Mobile 6. Now, I found another alternative to do it without the need of modifying registry.

How to Display Chinese on Windows Mobile? (Last Year Post)

Chinese and Windows Mobile (By Trends Mobile)


  1. Trends Mobile recommendation is proven to work on both Windows Mobile 5.0 and 6.0.


  2. Yes, it displays the chinese font in interface and applications, however doesn't work for IE, IE still cannot display website with GB character set.

  3. Trends Mobile recommendation worked for me, both interface AND IE can display chinese. My phone is HTC Touch (CDMA).

  4. Same here, it works with application like word mobile, but not in IE, in IE it shows as little squares. My equipment is Glofiish M700 with Windows mobile 5. Any suggestions?

  5. Does anyone know how to install to window mobile? I am using UTC Touch (English OS)which cannot read Traditional Chinese. Can anyone please help?

  6. Does anyone know how to install to HTC Touch? My phone is using Window Mobile 6.0 (English OS) which cannot read Traditional Chinese. Can anyone please help?

    Thanks in advance!

  7. Great Post...

    Trends Mobile's Solution was the only one that worked for me!

    It worked on WM 6.0 on my Asus, Now I can see Characters on IE and Opera. Since I don't look for Input I didn't install The ZTA4.

    For Cheung, to install a CAB file you just need to connect the phone to your PC, copy the file, then look it on the phone and click it (install it)

    Best Regards!

  8. It work on my HTC touch Pro 2...Thanks!

  9. can someone please tell me how to install the ZTA4?

  10. same here, can someone please tell me how to install the ZTA4? i do not see any cab file as the page mentions.


  12. I installed trend mobile's software on my WM6 HTC wing. It worked well. The IE read Chinese after I reboot the phone.( before rebooting, the IE still show little squares on Chinese letters)

    So guys, install and reboot. You are in business!

  13. I installed both and ZTA4 then reboot, but can only use Chinese in applications like word mobile, still cannot view Chinese characters in IE.

    BTW, my device is HP iPAQHX2790b.

  14. link above for Trendsmobile is no longer available. does anyone know the method and patch file?


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