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Sunday, February 14, 2010

My review on the restaurants I visited for Chinese New Year

The below are the restaurants I visited either for lunch or dinner for Chinese New Year.

Paradise Inn at City Square Mall (Lunch)

Overall rating for the 268++ set lunch is unsatisfactory for 2 reasons.

Except for yu sheng and dessert, all the other dishes were served in the wrong sequence. For example, fried rice was served as the second dish instead of being the one before dessert. Herbal soup was served as the last item before dessert OMG!

Quality of food is another disappointment. Broccoli was served with only broccoli, meaning to say, items in the dish is just broccoli with salt. Most of their dishes were too salty for me.

Ingredients used and quality of food do not justify the 268++ price tag.

Hooters at Clarke Quay (Lunch)

The only reason why I was there having western food for Chinese New Year is because that's a company event.

Overall rating is unsatisfactory for 1 reason.

I think any restaurant selling pork loin, chicken chop and fish dory will be able to serve anything more decent than Hooters. The pork loin I had tasted like some below average 菜贩 pork chop.

Soup Restaurant at DFS Scottswalk (Dinner)

Overall rating for the 268++ set lunch is good.

金银双捞 San Yu & Salmon Yu Sheng. Many times better than Paradise Inn's. More salmon and less ginger, waitress better trained to wish us with greetings.

延年益寿 Double Boiled Waisan & Ginseng Roots w Chicken Soup. Really 够味 and equally served unlike Paradise Inn's.

三星拌月 Samsui Chicken Triple Treasure Platter. This dish is not the same as the usual Samsui Chicken served on normal days. Other than the signature Samsui Chicken, it came with pork ribs, prawns and some seafood. NICE!

包您高升 Braised Abalone w Sea Cucumber & Thick Mushroom. As the name suggest, abalone, sea cucumber and thick mushroom. The serving is not reasonable.

年年有余 Steamed Uncle Lapan. Really fresh steamed fish.

花开富贵 Fried Broccoli with Fresh Scallop. Soup Restaurant served broccoli with fresh scallop unlike Paradise Inn's broccoli with salt!

丰衣足食 Reunion Fried Rice w Crab Meat, Scallop and Prawn. This is part of their usual dish if I am not wrong. Yummy and filling.

金碧辉煌 Tofu Prawn. This dish is really special. Tofu and tiger prawns with bean and prawn paste. The sauce looks a lot like Chilli crab's. NICE!

路路通财 Crispy Fried NZ Venison. Instead of spring onion with deer meat, they crispy fried it instead. What an unique way to serve deer meat.

Worth the money :) Hungry ...

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