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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Windows Phone 7 (Totally Reinvented)

Microsoft finally come out with a new Windows Mobile version 7.0 for mobile phones. This new operating system is a total revamped, built from scratch and cocomes with a completely new user interface for touchscreen. It is obvious that Microsoft is trying to attempt to beat the likes of Apple's iPhone stronghold and the new emerging Google's Nexus One.

NOTE: The name of the new operating system is Windows Mobile 7 Windows Phone 7. Looks like they have decided to drop the word Mobile.

The new Windows Phone operating system looks pretty snazzy.

Demo: Phones for a “Life in Motion”

See how Windows® Phone 7 Series reorganizes the phone, Web and applications to deliver a mobile experience that will help make the most of customers’ busy lives.

Is Microsoft too late in the party? I think so.

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