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Sunday, April 04, 2010

A tiring long weekend

The whole of Friday was spent working on CS5258 Assignment 2, reviewing an Information Security Policy, improving it, and writing a critique out of it. I am blessed to have two capable group members who are responsible and proactive enough to complete their given tasks, and sometimes doing more than required. Deadline of Apr 5 shouldn't be a problem at all.

On Saturday, most of my time was spent reading through and comparing a total of 5 research papers before finally selected the best for a literature review for my CS4236 Assignment 2. The next question is coming out with a decent practical solution to my problem - Secure Electronic Voting. This is an individual assignment due on Apr 10.

Time flies and today marks the last day of the long weekend. I better get started with my CS5322 Group Project else I will have nothing to show for this coming Tuesday's discussion. Time is equally tight for this and the deadline is less 2 weeks from now, which is Apr 15.

Other than the above 3 milestones, 1 quiz and 1 individual assignment, both for the sadistic CS5322 lecturer, await me.

Half a day left for me before I set off for my boss' baby girl 1-month event this evening.


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