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Saturday, April 02, 2011

Experts-Exchange premium expert status expiring soon

It is so hard to maintain my Experts-Exchange premium expert status these days. Simply no time :(

Dear hongjun,

We noticed you did not earn 3,000 points last month and you are now in your Grace Period. Don't worry! Just earn 3,000 points by 5/1/2011 and you'll maintain Qualified Expert status, which includes FREE premium membership.

To start earning points, create a question alert to answer questions in your area of knowledge or write an article. Either way, we know you'll have 3,000 points in no time!


  1. I am 5000 points away from 9mio points. If I can do it you can ;)

  2. you are 9,000,000-8,996,875 points away only.


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