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Monday, June 09, 2003

Bought a Printer

Went to the "PC Show" yesterday and bought a printer - Cannon i550 at $199. This is my 3rd printer since I first bought my PC 3 years ago. The first was HP DeskJet 670 and I would say that was well worth buying for. I used the HP printer for almost 2 complete years before it actually gave me problems. I then changed to using Epspn Stylus Color 580. That lousy Epson printer started giving me problems after using for merely less than 10 times but since the 1-year warranty had expired, everything is just too bad for me. Condemned Epson for LIFE! Just hope this Cannon printer will be well worth for money.

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  1. Just the same happen with me. I read this and i remembered these days than it is the same happen. I advise you that now you have to purchase a well quality CPU at $200.
    william rozar
    HP Q5942x


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