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Monday, June 09, 2003

Yoghurt Bread

Got a taste of Yoghurt Bread today. Bought it from a confectionery at Toa Payoh and it comes in aluminum mould similar to egg tarts. The only difference is that Yoghurt Bread moulds are made just size fitting which means getting them out of the moulds can be a great feat. Thought I could enjoy the bread on a bus while on my way home but I end up trying to squeeze, pull, finger out the bread from the mould. I ended up using the most innovative method and that was to take the bread as a mango, imagining the base of the aluminium mould as the base skin of a mango, the Yoghurt bread as its flesh, and using my fingers to push out the flesh by pushing the "skin" inverted. Hmm... Guess you understand what am I writing... yes just like eating a half mango.

An advice for everyone: Buy the Yoghurt bread if you wish to keep yourself busy on your way home. Especially useful for long journeys if you wish to stay awake.

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