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Friday, June 13, 2003

A new found friend

I got to know a gal on a IT forum and realised she was from TP studying computer engineering. Currently, she works as a software developer cum web developer with 10 months working experience. From her participation in the IT forum, I would say she is a great expert. From what we converse during our ICQ sessions, she has got great enthusiaism, interests in programming, hardcore programming to be specific. Her poly grades were mostly As, some Bs, 1 C which happened to be a language module, and a couple of Dists. Perhaps got to psycho her one day to teach me .NET.

She told me her family is not so well-to-do and she used to work to pay for her own poly school fee. Wonder how this was done. I know the feeling of working at the same time while studying as I used to do that to earn for my own pocket money but not to pay for my school fee of course.

Great to know her.

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