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Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Complex Dream

This happened on Tuesday 17th June 2003.

I had a rather complex and complicated dream. I woke up feeling fatigue and lethargic but still, I got to turn up for today's SAF Day rehearsal. I knew for sure today would be a long and tiring day for me considering I slept at around 12:45am but woke up at around 6:30am. Not only I did not have 7 hours of sleep, I had got less than 7 hours of peaceful, dreamless sleep.

Before I turn in to sleep, my mind was already filled with worries, problems, possible solutions to the many problems and worries I have in hand. I will not go about describing the nature of the problem here until it is solved. With a heavy mind I doubt no one will be able to have soundful sleep.

I couldn't remember was I the one driving or was that my friend. To make things more complicated, I couldn't even remember who was that friend of mine. We were travelling along a long stretch of road and were on our way to a church via KJE. In my dream, the last remaining stretch of KJE we were travelling would only lead us to one place - the church. Out of nowhere, an old man jogging towards us on the same lane were in sight. We did not even bother to decelerate nor change lane assuming a sane normal person would definitely not want to compete with a fast moving 4 wheeled vehicle. There was no sign of the old man giving in to us even though we were within unsafe distance from him. I was not sure whether was I or was my friend took the initiative to change lane keeping left all the way avoiding knocking onto the old man at the same time looking at our rear and side mirrors to see if he had gone nuts. Just like seconds ago, he was there, jogging on the same spot, meaning to say he actually did not even move an inch from his spot. He was merely jogging on the spot. Obviously he was out of his mind.

Thinking the weirdest part was over, next came two seductive and sexily dressed ladies. Similar to the previous scenairo with the old man, they stood like models on the same lane as us waiting for us to approach. This time, we stopped right in front of the two ladies. Both the two ladies then hopped onto the back seats of the car. Before telling us that they were actually suicide bombers from a Islamic extremists group hoping to dissuade anyone travelling along this stretch of KJE towards the church, they did a typical bar girl ultimate seducing moves on us attempting to turn us on.

That was my dream, complex and complicated as the title described with a "To be continued" ending. I took almost half an hour doing some recap on what I had just dreamt, hoping to remember every bit of it for I knew it was never going to be easy. Who wakes up and remembers every details of a dream anyway. I also did an analysis on the dream and made a conclusion on the extremists group standard operations. They had got two "layers" providing as shields blocking anyone from visiting a church. The first layer comprises of either old man or the ugly ones. The second layer comprises of either a beauty or a hercules. If the first layer fails to accomplish its task then the second layer shall ensure accomplishment of motive. No matter how cheap or unscrupulous the method is used, motive must be met.

All because of lack of sleep and worries problems and more problems, I wasn't feeling super during the rehearsal. Sgt Ong and I decided to fall out and be the reserves for the second actual timing rehearsal of the day. Guess Sgt Ong had too much of mahjong yesterday. Sad to hear from RSM, because of us backing off as reserves, we may be punished for that - 3 EXTRAS for that. Hope RSM will not be so harsh.

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