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Thursday, June 12, 2003

We are outcasts

It rained in the midst of a SAF rehearsal today and all the Guard of Honour personnels were called to seek shelter by the parade RSM. As for the supporting contigent like myself, we got to run all the way to the stadium which is approximately 500 metres away from the parade square. This was what we got!

I do not see any differences between the GOH and the supporting contingents. In fact, I conclude we are the more "siong" lot. We wear No. 4 and they wear T-shirts during rehearsals; We carry SAR-21s which are heavier than those of their M-16s; Throughout the entire parade, our SAR-21 are slung onto our neck while their M-16s are usually rested standing on the ground; Every rest time, we got to march 500 metres to the stadium for rest while they are allowed to stay around the parade square. So guess who are more "siong".

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