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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The DBA Daily Checklist

Simple-Talk has compiled a checklist for DBA. They are as below:
  • Connectivity: Make sure each database is available and accessible both by logging in via user applications, as well as running test scripts.
  • Backups: Check database and log backups, archiving and offsite storage.
  • Events: check all database logs, application logs and system logs, Agent history, device logs, NIC logs etc. Investigate any job failures
  • Processes: Check that all required processes on the server are running, including Replication
  • Integrity: Perform all database and server integrity checks; look for objects that break rules
  • Indexes: Check on indexes to see if they are being used, need re-creating, or if any are missing
  • Volumetrics: Check resources on the server such as files sizes and disk space, and monitor growth
  • Performance: Check application performance, and performance statistics, using the Perfmon tool; research and resolve any issues.
  • Procedures: Check all Disaster Recovery Plans
  • Security: Look for security policy violations

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