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Friday, May 02, 2008

Raffles Place Ghost Turns Out to be a Hoax

The Raffles Place Ghost in Lift case is closed and it turn out to be a hoax. On May 1, the person behind the video posted on that all is a hoax. It turn out to be a marketing stunt to promote a recuitment agency - GMP. I thought he must be sick to come out with this joke.

Quoted from the blog itself,

"After ten days of thorough investigation and the help of the public, we have concluded our investigation. Whilst there is a lack of consistent evidence to accurately prove the existence of a ghost, one key finding across all leads is that strange things do happen at night. Which is why, NO ONE SHOULD WORK LATE EVERY DAY. Watch this video for a summary and the truth behind the alleged sighting of a ghost at Raffles Place. It is just the sort of report you’d want to hear on Labour Day. Thank you for being a part of our blog."

Asia Paranormal Investigators also concluded that the Raffles Place Ghost in Lift is not true and revealed 3 possibilities how the video could have been done.

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