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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Labour Day - An Opportunity to Express Themselves

Labor Day, on May First is an American Holiday so feared by corporate interests, they have suppressed it in it's home country. Today, May First is celebrated through the world as Labor Day, but not in the USA. The first week of May in 1886 marked a turning point in the struggle for Justice in this country. The fair treatment of the worker - the originator of all economic value - is the cornerstone of our freedoms to the extent that we still enjoy them today.

On May First, Labor Day Was Born in Chicago

An earlier post by myself

Below are just some of the many rallies happened on May 1 2008:


The opposition Singapore Democratic Party marked May Day by distributing flyers and getting Singaporeans to sign two petitions.

SDP marks May Day by distributing flyers in Toa Payoh


Thousands of Indonesians took to the streets of the capital Jakarta for Labour Day rallies on Thursday, with rising food prices and an expected cut in fuel subsidies weighing heavily on workers' minds.

Indonesian workers hold rallies to protest against rising food, fuel costs


Thousands of workers marched on Thursday in the Philippines capital Manila under tight security to demand higher wages in the face of inflation that has sent food prices soaring.

Thousands march in Manila to demand higher wages


(Not really related to May Day but thought it's coincidental to fall on May 1 as well)

Israel began marking its annual Holocaust Remembrance Day with President Shimon Peres vowing the Jewish state would never allow the Jewish genocide to be repeated.

Israel marks Holocaust Memorial Day


Turkish riot police used clubs, tear gas and water cannons Thursday to break up crowds of workers and students trying to reach a main Istanbul square for a Labor Day rally banned by the government.

Turkish police disperse workers defying May Day ban

This is People Power

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