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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Banks Need to Improve Cash Deposit Machines

I was at a DBS Branch Office at Woodlands Civic Centre doing cash deposit. There are a total of 3 Cash Deposit Machines (CDM) and I picked the one nearest to the entrance. I observed the queue at the inner most CDM was the shortest and I deduced it could be due to the machine able to only perform passbook update and not able to do cash deposits. I was right after seeing many leaving the queue and joining the other 2 CDM.

The CDM I was using was not able to accept my remaining $120 notes. The notes were all neat and straight with no "dog ears". They were withdrawn minutes earlier from my StandChart bank account using their ATM. How could DBS CDM have rejected them? What annoyed me was one of my $10 note was made torn by the CDM. I hope I can still use the torn note. I joined the CDM beside the one I was using to attempt to deposit my remaining $110 notes ($10 was damaged). When it's my turn, I read the machine showing only cash deposit using card is available. If I were planning to use passbook to do my cash deposit, then wouldn't I have wasted my time queuing for nothing?

The waiting experience would have been a lot better if an indicator showing each individual CDM status is shown visibly. An indicator at the top of a CDM can be installed to show this status.

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