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Monday, July 21, 2008

Beijing to Improve Air Conditions Before Olympics

As reported, Beijing will implement several measures to improve air conditions to increase the number of blue skies before the Olympics.

One of the measures is to decrease the number of vehicles plying the streets by banning and alternating odd and even numbered registered plates. Factories emitting pollutants that exceed standards are requested to stop operations as well. The number of blue skies should increase but threat of unfavorable wind condition could bring in air pollutants from neighbouring cities. Threat of weak wind can cause pollutants to stay within Beijing city.

There are sayings that now is the best time to visit Beijing. Air condition should remain in considerably acceptable condition. This "luxury" is said to be lost and poor air condition is set to return after the Olympics. After Olympics, the various measures imposed to improve air condition are likely to be removed. Beijing enthusiasts, it's now the best time to visit Beijing.

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