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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Wonder If Our Security Guards Are Up to the Job

I witnessed a fight at AMK Hub basement 1 near QB House last evening. The fight left an Indian lady's left ear bleeding. She was beaten by an Indian guy apparently friends. If not he stopped and pinned onto the ground by 2 bystanders, more blood should flow.

A middle aged slightly plump female security guard arrived the scene with the attacker still on the ground. The security guard could not do much except calling for more help using her walkie-talkie. Very soon, 2 more security guards arrived. They are males in their fifties. Physically, they do not look capable enough to subdue the young aggressive attacker should he manage to escape.

The 2 young men who came onto the scene to help subdue the attacker is indeed righteous. However, I do like to question the many "overaged" security guards stationed in our shopping centres, condominium guard houses, etc. If there is a fight involving young aggressive adults, will they at the very least able to pin the attacker onto the ground or give chase should he run away?

I sometimes wonder if the security guards have undergone physical proficiency tests, health checks and BMI tests. Perhaps I should not question their capabilities.

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