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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

A Long Overdue Project

If a project, let's call it Project A, is worth only $x, but not a single cent is collected for despite all requirements being met and completed more than 6 months ago, what should be done? Project A is currently still waiting for clearance to go live from the HQ office. And if there is another project, let's call it Project B, worth $24x, that started almost the same time as Project A, but was already fully paid for and launched live several months ago, wouldn't this made Project A ridiculous?

I have decided to send an email to Project A coordinator asking for updates. They certainty need a lesson on "Time value of money" and I believe the know thia subject better than me. I am seeing a serious red tape and highly bureaucratic system between the branch office and the HQ office. I will demand for payment before I even push it live (if there ever be a day like this).

I just cannot understand.

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