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Friday, October 17, 2008

Comment On MAS Actions On Current Mini-bonds Issue

I quote a comment posted on a blog below. It shows how a Singaporean impression on the present government.

I think Singaporeans had faith in our govt all these years. This is the reason why they have always gotten over sixty percent of the votes.

It is also very clear that our obedience and preference for leaving it to our govt to do the best is not working very well. For example, I saw on TVBJ, a HK channel, how the HK governor spoke so convincingly and so strongly for the people, demanding that the banks hurry up to respond while here in Singapore the common folks are asking MAS to hurry up without a response. I conclude therefore that having highly paid officers is not the answer to an effective administration or govt but rather a balanced representation in parliament is. I saw how opposition legislators pressured the administration for results and how the common people are able to protest and get things done faster. Here, we just silently obey and get nothing, not even more good years as promised but escalating prices led by NTUC Income, NTUC comfort and other NTUC affiliates. Even our electricity bills are increased while in HK GST and electricity tariffs are reduced. All this is happening not in a golden period but in a deflationary period. It obviously shows that our govt actions are not working correctly and the our lives are not improving but deterioriating.

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