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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Gantt Charts in Google Docs Spreadsheets

As announced on Google Docs official blog, it is now possible to add a Gantt chart onto Google Docs spreadsheet. This is made possible by adding a gadget from Viewpath.

Recently, the Google Docs team started working with Viewpath, a company dedicated to providing project management solutions. In keeping with this commitment, they recently added a Gantt chart gadget to the spreadsheets platform. Here on the Docs team, we're thrilled to have this top-notch external developer contributing their expertise, and adding value to Google Docs. To introduce this gadget, we're happy to have Dean Carlson here as guest blogger. Dean is CEO ofViewpath, and helped in the development of Docs' Gantt chart gadget.

For instructions on how to add the Viewpath gadget, view the below video.

Gantt charts in Google Docs spreadsheets [via]

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