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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Vice Presidential Nominees Debate Between Gov. Palin and Sen. Biden 2008

Vice Presidential nominees Sen. Joseph Biden (D-Delaware) and Gov. Sarah Palin (R-Alaska) participated in the one and only 2008 Vice Presidential debate.

The questions being discussed are as below:
  1. Financial Bill: Best or Worst of Washington?
  2. How to reduce polarization in Washington?
  3. Who was at fault in subprime mortgage situation?
  4. Why are your tax policies not "Class Warfare"?
  5. Due to financial situation, what Promises can't you keep?
  6. Do you support legislation to help homeowners in bankruptcy?
  7. What is true and false about causes of climate change?
  8. Do you support caps on carbon emissions?
  9. Do you support granting benefits to same-sex couples?
  10. What is your exit strategy for Iraq?
  11. Which is a greater threat: Nuclear Iran or unstable Pakistan?
  12. Should U.S. engage diplomatically with enemies?
  13. What has Bush Administration done right regarding Israel?
  14. When should nuclear weapons be used?
  15. Will American support sending troops to Darfur?
  16. How would a Biden/Palin Administration differ from an Obama/McCain Administration?
  17. What is the Vice President's role?
  18. Is the Vice President also part of the legislative branch?
  19. What is your weakest trait?
  20. On what issue have you changed your opinion based on circumstances?
In this debate, Gov. Palin did not seem to have answered many questions that were posted. She kept beating about the bush talking on the topic of Energy and occasionally switching topics. Apparently, Sen. Biden fared better in this debate. In my opinion, it seems Gov. Palin is not as confident as compared to Sen. Biden when it comes to topics relating to the current financial turmoil, housing issues and the Constitution. This debate divides the 2 Vice Presidential hopefuls and shows Sen. Biden's superiority in aspects of political experience and readiness to take over the role of Presidency should the going-to-be elected President is unable to carry out his duties due to unforeseen circumstances.

You may also be interested to watch the first U.S. 2008 Presidential debate between Presidential nominees Sen. John McCain (R-Arizona) and Sen. Barack Obama (D-Illinois) here.

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