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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

True Life Story of a Miser

The below depicts a true life story of a miser. Some may look hard to believe but they are of absolute truth. From Wikipedia,

"A miser is a person who is reluctant to spend money, sometimes to the point of forgoing even basic comforts."
  • Managed to save $2.50 per week given 50 cents of allowance a day for a 5-day week during primary school days.

  • Amazingly able to maintain an average $10 spending on food over 5 working days. This amount will be reduced if there is a tea session planned for or no one eats with him because under these 2 hard to come by "lucky" days, money can be saved.

  • Pay day is one of the most "count-down" days.

  • Monthly expenditure account opening day is short-lived since it is closed almost immediately, complaining of negative budget yet again.

  • Newspapers soon become collectibles after knowing they worth quite a bit if sold for recycling.

  • Travelling by foot is the default mode of transport whenever wherever possible even if it means more than 15 minutes of brisk walk.
More bewildering tell-tales:
  • It took him more than half a year to decide on what credit card to apply for - annual fee is a major setback despite a 99.99% chance of able to it waived.

  • Getting from point to point for reasons relating to work will be on foot, buses or trains. Taking cab is out of the question even though transport fare cab be claimed from the company. Reason is simple - keep your wallet as little money as possible so you won't spend.

  • His primary savings account is with OCBC and not the rest because according to him, OCBC is the only bank that allows minimum ATM withdrawal of $10 whereas the rest practise minimum $20 withdrawal policy.

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