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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Invest Is the Right Way to Fight Inflation

I quote from 30 Oct 2008 copy of MyPaper 我报 titled "Are stocks cheap now? Not really". The below is from Mr Bogle, founder of the investment firm Vanguard Group, whose low-cost index funds have made a lot for a lot of people.

There are some reasons to be optimistic about stocks, he added and that he also looks at the alternatives.

Savings accounts and money-market funds will struggle to keep pace with inflation. Bonds may, as well.

Stocks, however, are paying an average dividend of about 3 per cent, and stocks are almost certain to rise over the next couply of decades.

If that is your time frame - decades - this will probably turn out to be a perfectly good buying opportunity.

In the shorter term, though, it's a much tougher call, and it involves a lot of risk.

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