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Friday, November 14, 2008

ACJC Birthday Girl Tied Up and Tortured

The two videos mentioned are particularly shocking to me because of two factors. First of all, the perpetrators are practically all females, with a few boys in the background cheering. I never knew women are into such cruelty as well. Second, it occurred in bright daylight at a crowded school canteen - where everybody can see! The poor victim was tied to a chin-up bar and attacked mercilessly. All in the name of “celebrating” her birthday.

The school where all these took place is a well-reputed school - Anglo-Chinese Junior College (ACJC). (No point in concealing the school’s identity as the uniform of the students involved is obvious).

Video captured on the incident was uploaded onto YouTube but was taken down after this matter was blown up.

ACJC girl gets tied up and tortured… by friends “celebrating” her birthday [via]

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  1. I have noticed quite a bit of traffic for this particular post. I thought it would be great to post my other post in case some may be interested in the video.

    Video - ACJC Birthday Girl Tied Up and Tortured


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