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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Video - ACJC Birthday Girl Tied Up and Tortured

Last Friday, I commented on a ACJC birthday girl being tied up and tortured in front of many people. I thought this is sickening, immature and simply outrageous.

Stomp has been discussing this quite some time and they even have video footages, split into 3 parts, on the incident. It's SICKENING to see this happening in a Singpaore Junior College. Is this how Singaporeans going to be adults should behave?

Video 1: ACJC students start ragging the birthday girl [via]

Video 2: ACJC girl tied up, roughed up, and humiliated on elite JC premises [via]

Video 3: ACJC girl gets tied up, and has cake and chocolate milk thrown in her face [via]


  1. Oh god... I really don't know what they are thinking... Is this the way to treat good friends? They are really disgusting man... so barbaric...

  2. This issue is made a bigger hoo-ha after the principal commented the "sabo" was common and not serious.

  3. ok i agree with you that they have gone overboard. but i think this issue has received more criticism than necessary. there has been too much judgement without understanding of the context.

    one doesn't go to an african tribe and comment that their rites of manhood (taking 2 strokes of the whip without showing pain) are barbaric.

    you can't objectively conclude that it's humiliating or that it's bullying because these are relative terms. it wasn't humiliating until all the media attention since no one at the incident, victim, perpetrator nor observer in the canteen found it humiliating. it isn't bully if there's no malice!

    i think they're biggest mistake was putting it on youtube. and there are much better ways of dealing with it than the way "Outraged" did it on Stomp.

  4. Hi anonymous,

    I do agree sometimes the media can magnify and make things worse.

    We hope things can move on from here.


  5. im glad i am not in that school haha

  6. haha yeah just a birthday bash but shd not do it in the sch and with sch uniform ... and not post it up due to media attention .. anyway other side is students too caught up with the studies just have some fun with the birthday girl

  7. enjoy ...

    Singapore ACJC Lesbian Video Leaked Download:

  8. the video also cannot dwl.... need to sign up premium is it?

  9. Yea lor... Eh if can, send me through msn? That link needs premium lah. Bo paypal sian.

  10. Eh, can send the video through msn or something?

  11. way out of line to call that fun.
    if tying some1 up is fun, they better think twice.


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