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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

As a Experts-Exchange Cleanup Volunteer

I have been a Cleanup Volunteer for Experts-Exchange for at least 3 years. However, due to work commitments and school, I have since suspended my community work. I hope to start again in a months' time after my exams.

Clean up volunteers are members of Experts Exchange who volunteer their time to clean up open questions. Clean up volunteers are selected by the Clean Up Administrator for their demonstrated knowledge and understanding of the topics in the zone they clean, and for their passion for helping the site. Every clean up volunteer goes through training, which helps them become part of the team and do their job right. Cleaning up includes:
  • Make recommendations for closing out old questions so that the Moderators can finalize them.
  • Improve the quality of the PAQ database by moving good, useful information into the PAQ and clearing out old questions that were not answered or have no value to future readers.
  • Ensure that Experts receive the points they've earned.

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