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Friday, April 24, 2009

NEA Reply is Political and Unacceptable to Me

On 21st April 2009, I sent an email to National Environment Agency (NEA) to report a case on potential contamination of fresh sugar cane juice. The case was forwarded to me via email by one of my friends and I thought I should bring this matter to NEA for investigation.

Today (after famous 3 working days), I received a reply from NEA. As expected, their reply was political and looked very much like a standard reply-template from any government body for a similar case like mine. I wonder if they really did take my case seriously.

I will think of a reply to them soon. Let's see what's their next reply-template.

Their reply is as below,

Dear Sir

We refer to your enquiry appended below.

Sugar-cane juice that is prepared in a hygienic manner is safe for consumption. The National Environment Agency (NEA) has a strict regime to ensure that vendors observe this responsibility. For example, vendors are required to obtain their supplies of cut sugar cane from approved sources.

Our officers also conduct regular checks to make sure that hygiene is observed during juice preparation (including proper storage). Pls rest assured that NEA will not hesitate to take action against vendors who do not comply with our food safety and hygiene requirements.

Thank you.

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