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Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Selfish Project Team

A project team, from my today's lecture, whom had already presented for assignment 1 volunteered to present for the second assignment as well. They claimed to share their findings to the entire lecture group. I must admit their findings were indeed interesting and it must be because of it being interesting, the lecturer actually requested to have a copy of their presentation slides so they can be uploaded.

Few minutes ago, the lecturer made an announcement informing all students of the new document upload. The document is in PDF format instead of the original PPT format. The PDF document is security protected, having its Print capability removed.

Obviously, the project team had converted the original PPT presentation slides into PDF format not for its portability nature. They did it with a selfish mentality by disabling the print capability. However, they forgot to disable the Print Screen capability which allowed me to create my own document.

Anyone taking CS5259 - Information Technology Outsourcing and would like to have a copy of the selfish project team's presentation slides can leave a message here.

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