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Thursday, April 23, 2009

About Wireless@SG Registration

This post contains information about registration for Wireless@SG account.

Sign Up

You can sign up a total of 3 user accounts, one each from the 3 internet service providers. My recommendation is to sign up all 3 because I have experienced there are times you may not be able to login to a WiFi zone using one of the account. For convenience, you may wish to choose a common user id for all the user accounts.
  1. Singtel

  2. iCell

  3. QMax

Once you have successfully connected to a wireless network through Wireless@SG, simply go to any default homepage e.g. You will be redirected to a login page for authentication before you can continue surfing.

There will be a list of accounts to choose from. You may choose SingTel, iCell or QMax. Your user id will be in the format as below.
  1. SingTel - @singnet

  2. iCell -

  3. QMax -
Note that there is no need to logout after use.

Wireless@SG Homepage

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