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Friday, April 03, 2009

What is Insourcing?

The process of insourcing refers to bringing in external contractors to assist with processes which are understaffed in the host company, or that the company is trying to expand. Fitting in as part of the team can be a problem for insourced personnel, and insourcing is still not a highly developed variant of outsourcing. Insourcing seeks to create temporary teams of the most talented innovators who fit in with specific company needs, and who will help add value and protect IP with their expertise. Using insourcing to address new global production methods, whether in services or manufacturing, needs to be analyzed within the context of added value, IP, risk and the complexity of service rendered. A lack of this understanding can lead to contracts that are not negotiated properly and misread the dynamics of human resources (HR).

Outsourcing, innovation and risk [via]

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