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Thursday, April 30, 2009

NEA Fails to Reply My Follow-Up Email After 4 Working Days

21 Apr 2009 23:01

My first email to the National Environment Agency (NEA) on Potential Contamination of Fresh Sugar Cane Juice was on 21 Apr 2009.

24 Apr 2009 20:30

My email was replied after 3 working days by a Public Relations Executive from the Environmental Health Department. The reply was unacceptable and failed to assure me.

26 Apr 2009 18:40

I replied the email from NEA to ask for more information on what was done within the 3 working days. My reply is as such,

Dear XX,

I appreciate you replying within short a short period of time - a mere 3 working days. I was in fact shocked that NEA took such a short period of time to investigate such a potential serious case as mine.

As a concerned Singapore citizen, I am more interested to know the process NEA conducted in the 3 days of investigation before giving me assurances and assuming this case to be closed. I am utterly disappointed with how NEA handled this case. With due respect to the government body, I should have lied to myself, telling myself the reply from NEA was not from a reply-template but it is tough.

I hope NEA can take my case more seriously and prevent a second Geylang Serai food poisoning case from happening. We should not be complacent and take things for granted assuming the current so-called unfailing measures put in place will always be executed and will never be breached.

I look forward towards NEA's more sincere approach towards this case. If the process needed more time, say 1 month, NEA can just reply frankly on the time needed. By reverting and reporting progress, I do not see your KPI to be affected. 3 working days to get to the bottom of this case is far too short, unconvincing, illogical and "fake". Don't you think so?

No offence.

Hon Chun

It has been 4 working days since I hear from NEA. I am going to send a reminder to "wake" them up.

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