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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

AXS Machines with the new D-Pay service accepts only POSB/DBS and Citibank

Since late last year, I noticed there is this new AXS machines with D-Pay services. Near the number-pad, there is this very prominent label showing logos of DBS Bank, POSB and Citibank. My first interpretation is that D-Pay services are available only for these 3 banks.

Today, a friend of mine confirmed that these new AXS machines in fact accept ATM transactions only from the 3 banks - DBS Bank, POSB and Citibank. I was stunned!

From AXS website, it reads,

"The new payment environment is currently available over 180 AXS Stations, which ATM cardholders from DBS Bank, POSB and Citibank are able to carry out their transactions. More banks and financial institutions are expected to announce their participation by end this year. When ATM cards from other local banks are successfully accepted by the new mode, AXS will plan a progressive conversion of all the other AXS Stations to the new payment environment."

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