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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My review on Pixar movie "UP"

Last weekend, I watched Pixar movie "UP" in 3D with a friend. Most of the time, after stepping out of a movie theater, I would forget the movie - both plot and cast. I must say I never really research on any movies, before or after watching them, except for 2 movies - About a Boy and Catch me if you can. For the latter 2 movies, I read books on them before watching.

Why am I writing a review on "UP"? I thought this movie by Pixar is more than a cartoon, it had got many lessons to be drawn from.

The story is about an old man by the name of Carl Fredricksen who makes his way to a cliff - Paradise Falls, somewhere in South America, using a self-made flying house, lifted by thousands of helium filled balloons. Carl and his beloved lifelong partner, Ellie, both were so much fascinated with high-flying and travelling around the world that they eventually got married. Though their love life was rendered in a short 10 minutes sequence, it was just right for me to have a deep impression. Both always wanted to visit the Paradise Falls but Ellie passed away before making it. In this movie, Carl was reminded time and again of his promise to bring Ellie to the promised (they crossed their hearts) Paradise Falls. I still remember clearly how Carl and Ellie crossed their hearts.

This show is one of the most emotional and touching movie I ever watched. It explores a deep love between a couple with Carl trying to fulfill a promise in bringing Ellie to Paradise Falls, and eventually a willingness in letting go. After the passing of Ellie, Carl converted their house into a flying house. As if Ellie's spirit still existed in the house, Carl would sometimes talk to it and assuring her that he will bring it or her to the Paradise Falls using balloons.

The adventure was accompanied by an unexpected stowaway, Russell, who claimed himself to be from the Wilderness Explorer (WE). This 8 year old boy never really had the WE experience but he definitely had the same enthusiasm to adventure as Carl when he was young.

After they landed on South America, both Carl and Russell marched slowly towards the direction of the Paradise Falls while pulling the house along with him like a balloon. A fight with dogs and a villian, Charles Muntz, ended Carl losing his house. Carl was a man who was regretful, holding tightly to dreams that he will eventually bring Ellie to the promised Paradise Falls. Towards the end of the movie, he realized that missing one destination does not mean much. Being together, sharing hardships, joy, happiness, and adventure together since they knew each other were most important.

"UP" is more than a cartoon. It has animations and rich colours for kids, and adult themes filled with emotions and lessons to be learnt for adults. "UP" is a perfect movie with perfect cinematography for all age groups and demographics. I recommend "UP" to be watched in 3D.


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