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Monday, August 10, 2009

Typhoon Morakot wreaks havoc and collapsed a hotel

Reading how Typhoon Morakot creates havoc in southern Taiwan, I pray that the history making flood levels will recide as soon as possible so rebuilding works can be started immediately. Floods have since resulted in massive infrastructure losses, traffic disrupted, schools destroyed, aid to victims restricted, and a hotel collapsed.

Approximately 4 years ago in Aug, I was in Taiwan, Heng Chun and Kenting, when Typhoon Talim struck. Though that typhoon also took some lives away, the damages weren't definitely as severe as the present Typhoon Morakok.

Whenver any of my friends were to visit countries near South China Sea during the summer period of Aug, I will definitely advise them on a possible risk of a typhoon.

Typhoon Morakot triggers floods in Taiwan [via]

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