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Saturday, August 29, 2009

A talk with a colleague on his last day

I had a talk with a colleague yesterday on his plans after his last day of employment. I regretted for not able to make it for his farewell lunch last Wednesday because I was at site.

I called and met up with him yesterday and ended up chit-chatting with him for 45 minutes. I learnt that he intended to take a 3 months break from work and just go ahead his 1-man 3 months backpacked trip around Southeast Asia. I admire his courage and determination to travel alone for such a long period especially in countries which do not speak English and Mandarin. His aspirations to travel alone and explore the world sort of aspired me to try travelling alone one day. Perhaps I shall try Taiwan one day.


  1. I would do that too if I quit my job one day.

    However, if I do that it will be harder for me to find my next job as beyond 3 months without a job is not a good thing in your resume.

  2. He did consider that before as well. He intend to be frank and just say went backpacked. I believe if you sound truthful and am able to share your 3-months experience naturally when asked, you should be fine.



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