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Monday, August 10, 2009

Modules shortlisted for next semester

The below are 3 modules shortlisted for my coming semester which will start tomorrow. Out of these 3, I shall choose 2 from them.
CS5212 - Software Project Management
Date: Mon 1830-2030 S15/618
Exam: 28 NOV 2009 Morning

CS5261 - Telecoms and International Network
Date: Tue 1830-2030 S15/618
Exam: 24 NOV 2009 Afternoon

CS5268 - Electronic Government
Date: Thu 1830-2030 S15/618
Exam: 03 DEC 2009 Afternoon
Hopefully I have the time to attend my lectures.


  1. hi, what is the 2 courses you have chosen, is it heavy?

  2. I took cs5212 and cs5261. That was a yr ago n I would say both were manageable especially SPM. I didn't take egov because the 1st lecture almost made me fell asleep. It is not offered in this semester anyway.

  3. Ya, no choice for us, we have to take cs5212 and cs5261.

    Do you still keep those notes and project? Appreciate if can sent it to me. My email is Thanks.

  4. cs5212 project topic depends on drawing of lots. Every week 1 group present so there is no point sending you.

    cs5261 lecturer changes topic yearly to keep pace of tech changes. Dont worry cuz he will upload past yr project samples to ivle.

  5. Hi HongJun, is CS5212. is Software Project Management workload heavy? Care to elaborate on the projects? I am pondering whether to take CS5212 or knowledge mgmt. I'm working full time too. Looking for module that won't take up too much of my time like CSxxxx modules

  6. Not sure about KM but SPM is really quite light. Dont really need to read much.

    Project is 1 group paper (if I remember, is a short paper ard 10 pages) and 1 group presentation.

    Easy module! Can easily get A+.


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