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Thursday, August 13, 2009

One-Man show at work

The title of this blog entry says it all - One-Man show at work. I am getting really tired having to do everything - development, testing, deployment, and most of the documentation - all alone.

Talking about this week is already going to make my lifespan shorter. Below is my very packed schedule for this month and I am expected to be present for ALL of them! No one is going to replace me even if I were to fall sick, am declared busy for my second project, or shout out loud that I have a lecture to attend. I envy members working on other portions when I see they able to rotate among themselves. They can afford to rotate among themselves and testing can still carry on without any problem. Take yesterday for example, one member from the other group actually took few hours off to NUH for a medical checkup but testing was never disrupted because there is always someone else to take over him. While one of them is performing testing with users, the other one can do modifications on documents and write minutes and complete them on the same day.

I only have a pair of hands.
03 to 05 Aug - OEM Datalink Acceptance for Project 1
11 Aug - Internal CDR for Project 2
12 to 14 Aug - Internat SWAT for Project 1
18 to 20 Aug - SWAT for Project 1
25 Aug - External CDR for Project 2
25 to 27 Aug - LAT for Project 1
With the above schedule, I am only left with 4 working days of free time but then of course this so-called free time will not be free anyway. They will be used to allow time to clear some newly-found bugs or to transport equipments to and fro from lab to site.

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